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Park Facility Rentals

Use of park pavilions is permitted with advanced rentals offered with normal pavilion limits restored. Pavilions are not NOT sanitized regularly. Please bring your own hand sanitizer and/or disinfectant.

  • Playgrounds - the equipment is NOT sanitized regularly. Please bring your own hand sanitizer.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that picnic areas are outdoors and certain factors are beyond our control. No refunds will be issued for bees, bird droppings, wind or other uncontrollable factors.

Want to reserve a pavilion or field in one of our Parks? Follow these steps:

  1. Are you a resident? Facilities may only be reserved by Towamencin Township based residents, businesses, or organizations
  2. Contact us first to find out if your date is available. Also please let us know the number of people you expect and the pavilion you wish to rent
  3. Download and fill out a Park Facility Permit Form and include your fee and security deposit. Fees can be found on the permit.